About partners

Name of partner organization:
Town Ludbreg
Trg Svetog Trojstva 14
42230 Ludbreg 

Short description of partner organization:
Ludbreg is one of the most important regional centers in the area of Varaždin County and beyond. Its advantages are excellent position, good traffic connections, secure and well-equipped transport infrastructure and a rich cultural and traditional heritage. Ludbreg is a town located in the northwest of Croatia, in Podravina, in the east of Varaždin County, at the crossroads of picturesque hills of Kalnik above the tiny plain of Podravina.

As it is at the door of Zagorje, due to its good geographic position, the Ludbreg region offers its inhabitants and visitors the best of both regions. Archaeological remains demonstrate that Ludbreg has been rooting its roots since the pre-Roman period and throughout history has had a significant role in this area as a traffic, trade, craft and religious center, and today it is the “center of the world” not only for its inhabitants, but for numerous tourists who visit it daily.

In addition to its cultural and traditional values, Ludbreg is also an economic-entrepreneurial center. The development of the city is based on profitable investments in the development of small and medium entrepreneurship and in the economic sector. Great importance is also given to investment in human capital development, social services, introduction of innovative and creative solutions, ICT tools and raising the quality of life of all citizens of Ludbreg.

Josipa Grđan
Phone: +385 42 420 207
e-mail: josipa.grdjan@ludbreg.hr

Name of partner organization:
LUCERA d.o.o.
Kalnička 3 Hrastovsko
42230 Ludbreg, Croatia

Short description of partner organization:
Lucera Ltd. provides different services and activities which include: business incubator, virtual incubator and market services. Under the business incubator Lucera Ltd. provides following services: subvention subsidized office space; the use of infrastructure and conference room; use of copier and hire other appliances at subsidized prices; organizational and technical advice, seminars, training users; presentation of the user on the web site, marketing and Internet sales. Under the virtual incubator Lucera Ltd. provides following services: a set of computer and accounting tools developed in order to support the development of SMEs; business, technical and educational services to entrepreneurs who are not physically located in the incubator. According to the market services Lucera Ltd. provides co-working space in the Incubator; consultations; seminars, training for entrepreneurs and informal education and training for teachers and pupils; consulting services; web site design, marketing, Internet sales Internet applications and software solutions.

For implementation of mentioned services Lucera Ltd. hires IT experts and consultants, managers and expert in economic. Also, it organizes educational activities and trainings for entrepreneurs, teachers and pupils.

Experts who will be involved in this project implemented different activities in the area of carrier consultation, virtual and augmented reality and internet safety. An IT expert from Lucera Ltd. spent following activities which are in accordance with project idea: a lecture at the conference “Professions of the future” in high schools in Varaždin and Daruvar; training called “STOP.THINK.THINK.CLICK.” for small and medium entrepreneurs; educations about Internet security and safe work on the computer, prevention dangers of using modern technologies. The goal of education was realized and attendees become aware of how to protect the economy, their community, the company and ultimately themselves.

In addition, Lucera Ltd. participate as a partner or external expert in different EU and national projects that are co-financed from funds and programmes of EU.

Marijan Makar
Email: marijan.makar@ludbreg.hr
Telephone: +385 99 5421 120


Short description of partner organization:
The Association for support of economic development-Local action group-Kochani has been legally registered in 2011. It has been formed under LEADER + programme rules and its founding participants are representatives from public, business and NGO sector in municipality of Kochani. Its mission is to support the economic development in the municipality of Kochani in all possible ways that might emerge as a result of the possibilities offered at the area of donor organizations, institutions as well as business sector.  As the LEADER + programme has not been fully established in Republic of Macedonia the Association continues working according its Statute, vision, mission and goals. It has 24 members, which are active in the Association and work in different areas and levels during the project application process. There are no regular paid staff in the association, and for each project we choose a team according to hers/his competences.

The Association has conducted the following projects:

–   “Social marketing champagne for raising the awareness among youth about energy efficiency”, financed by UNDP, municipality of Kochani and municipality of Probishtip.

–   “Solar electric and heat energy to reduced CO2 from kindergarten”, financed by GEF PMG Macedonia and municipality of Kochani.

–   “Presenting the municipality of Kochani at the AGROFUD fair in Skopje, Eco-ethno Macedonia Manifestation”, financed by municipality of Kochani.

–  The Association has conducted four seminars entitled as “Improvement of the work of the Public utility enterprises in Macedonia” with a goal to present to the Directors of the Public utility enterprises in Macedonia a new, better ways important for their work and new and better products available in our country.

Under ERAZMUS+ programme we conducted the project “We grow up with eco resources” from September 2015 until December 2017. This project is partnership between Bulgaria and Macedonia.

Another Erasmus + programme project was the project with title “Health Y” and it is a partnership of six countries, namely Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Latvia, Slovakia and Poland. This project was conducted in June 2016.

The two ongoing projects under ERAZMUS + program are: “Augmented Reality Education Module – Development and implementation of innovative ICT – based educational tool in STEM orientated school subjects”- Acronym-AR EDU. It is a partnership between Macedonia, Bulgaria and Croatia, and the second ongoing project is “Eco gardens in our kindergartens” Acronym -ECO KIDS, a partnership between Macedonia, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Marija Georgieva, president,
e-mail: marijamra@gmail.com

Name of partner organization:
JOUDG “Pavlina Veljanova” –  Kochani, North Macedonia

Short description of partner organization:
Kindergarten “Pavlina Veljanova” is established by the National Board of Municipality Kochani and works as preschool education since 1972. Kindergarten realizes its activity in 5 objects (four in Kochani and one in Orizari).The main activity of the kindergarten is care and education of preschool children and has  ability to accept 650 kids from preschool age (9months – 6 years).

JOUDG Pavlina Veljanova- Kochani, North Macedonia
St. 9 Maj No.1 Kochani
Phone: 0038933274373

Contact person / Principal: Edita Mitkova
e-mail: pavlinaveljanova@gmail.com

Name of partner organization:

Short description of partner organization:
Kindergarten Radost is preschool educational institution founded by town Ludbreg. Kindergarden resident 140 children and employs 18 workers.

Children can attend a program of learning English, and German. For children who do not attend kindrergarten organized program before school.  Cooperating with their social community, including in projects, participates in celebration of important events. We focus on the development of a comprehensive children’s personality, development amons to the child’s rights, religious and cultural diversity, but also the development of responsibility and consistency.

ZVJEZDANA JADANIĆ, 099 2761 233, zjadanic1974@gmail.com

Name of partner organization:
Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth

Short description of partner organization:
The Centre for Sustainability and Economic Growth (CSEG) is a non-profit association which aims to stimulate the sustainable economic development at local and regional level in various sectors like industry, education, tourism, energy, civil society, etc. The Association was established by an initiative of several Bulgarian local authorities from South Central region of Bulgaria and branch organizations from different sectors with the purpose to support development of policies, initiatives and projects in the area of:

– Protection of environment, and water;

– Circular economy promotion with the purpose to larger deployment the model at local and regional level;

– Climate change issues;

– To promote sustainable energy projects;

– Transfer of good EU practices and development of sustainable policies at local and regional level;

– To perform training, dissemination, and awareness rising campaigns in different fields, which can contribute for sustainable development at local/regional level;

– Development, management, and implementation of projects funded by different EU Programs.

CSEG participates in the development and improvement of the regulatory framework at local/regional level, prepares analyses, studies and expert evaluations in the field of environmental and industrial issues, tax and social policy, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. It performs training activities in the field of climate change issues, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources (RES), environmental protection, sustainable mobility, contemporary ICT educational tools, and other fields of activities.

Together with the training activities, CSEG participates also in different EU projects and initiatives, and carries out specific awareness raising campaigns within them; it organizes workshops, seminars and conferences on the above mentioned topics, carries out communication and dissemination activities.

Mr. Georgi Simeonov
E-mail: georgi.simeonov@cseg.eu
Tel. +359 34 442124


Name of partner organization:
Kindergarten “Radost” Pazardzhik

Short description of partner organization:
Kindergarten “Radost” Pazardzhik was established in 1970. The institution has 4 age groups in which 125 kids are being trained from the age of 3 to 7 years old. The staff of the kindergarten consists of 19 people: one director, eight teachers, and ten people non-pedagogical staff. Children are being educated in the following educational fields: mathematics, Bulgarian language, drawing, physical education, and participating in various initiatives, both in kindergarten and outside.  The kindergarten offers a rich and varied, stimulating child protection. There is a spacious courtyard, in which four separate sites for each group where kids with pleasure and joy play. Facilities has been completely renovated. The mission of Kindergarten “Radost” Pazardzhik is the transformation and consolidation of kindergarten as an educational institution, offers professionally trained educators of space to play, learning, communication and creativity; desirable and important for the child and parents environment;

Ilka Encheva- Director
E-mail: radost_pz@abv.bg
Tel. +35934444623

Name of partner organization:
Communal public enterprise Vodovod Kochani 

Short description of partner organization:
The communal public enterprise “Vodovod” Kocani was established with a decision of the Municipal Council of Kocani dated 02.02.1968. CPE “Vodovod” Kocani in its scope of work performs the following services : drinking water supply and waste water drainage, communal services- waste collection and disposal, exploitation and distribution of geothermal water, city markets and fairs, arranging of public traffic surfaces, parks and greenery, maintenance of Orthodox city cemetery and the city chapel, management of the city swimming pool and tennis courts, delegated responsibility for charging the parking service, construction of hydro-construction facilities for water supply and drainage of waste water. 

Todor Kushevski
Email: tkushevski@yahoo.com 
Tel: +38971226392