Activities from the first training event for the Project “Eco gardens in our kindergartens”

In the frames of the project “Eco gardens in our kindergartens” from 08.04. to 12.04.2019in Kochani was held the first from the three planned trainings with representatives from Ludbreg, Republic of Croatia, Pazardzik, Republic of Bulgaria and Kochani, Republic of North Macedonia.

The activities were conducted in two parallel sessions.

Representatives from the NGO LAG-Kochani presented the importance of raising the public awareness and the role of the community in waste selection and environment protection. representatives from Lucera presented the draft version of the project web page and representative from KJP “Vodovod” –Kochani conducted an education about the living environment emphasizing the waste management and usage of the renewable energy sources for the pre-school teachers who afterwards transferred that knowledge to the kindergarten children.

In separate session representatives from all project partners exchanged experiences about the pre-school education for the need of creating Strategic partnership document, choose the project logo and had a presentation of the project draft web page.


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