Third short-term training event in Ludbreg, Croatia

In the frames of the project “Eco gardens in our kindergartens” from 6th to 10th of August 2019 in Ludbreg, Croatia was held the third from the three planned short-term training’s with representatives from Ludbreg – Republic of Croatia, Pazardzik – Republic of Bulgaria and Kochani – Republic of North Macedonia.

Third short-term training took place in Ludbreg, Croatia, in August 2019 and was organized by town of Ludbreg as a 4-days training.

The activities carried out were as follows:

  • Etwinning module as posibility for cooperation – networking among the kindergarten teachers; Presentation of best practices from eTwinning projects in pre-school education
  • Establishing of eTwinning accounts for kindergarten teachers; Detailed training of using of all options on eTwinning module
  • Working on eTwinning projects (our project will be directly implemented as eTwinning project on eTwinning platform)
  • Joint analysis – discussions and recommendations; Evaluation of training events Participants