Third short-term joint staff training event in Ludbreg

Within the framework of the project “Ecogardens in our Kindergartens” approved by the European Union under the Erasmus + program, Town Ludbreg together with Kindergarten “Radost“ Ludbreg and Lucera d.o.o. were organizers of short-term joint staff training event in Ludbreg.

The training began on August 7th at the Center for Culture and Information “Dragutin Novak” and was opened by Mayor of Town Ludbreg Dubravko Bilić.

The leading partner in the project is the Town Ludbreg, and other partners are Kindergarten “Radost” Ludbreg, Lucera d.o.o., Kindergarten “Radost” from Bulgaria, Kindergarten “Pavlina Veljanova” from North Macedonia, Public utility company Vodovod Kochani, LAG Kochani from North Macedonia and Center for Economic Growth and Development from Bulgaria.

The project “Eco gardens in our Kindergartens” is aimed at increasing competences and skills, enhancing the capacities of kindergarten teachers to develop their own educational approach in presenting the importance of waste management, recycling and composting. Project activities include kindergarten children and their educators and teachers, as well as other professionals in the field of waste management and environmental protection. The main objective of the project is to develop an educational approach for pre-school children and to encourage the cooperation of kindergartens with other organizations dealing with effective waste management in order to spread the example of good practice and increase the exchange of practical knowledge between kindergartens and other organizations. Through participation in the project, children will learn how to manage waste, compost and recycle in a practical way.