Long-term teaching assignments

The aim of this event is to implement developed “learning by doing” education approach to the pre-school children.

Some theoretical and much more practical approach will be used by trained kindergarten’s teachers towards kindergartens children to allow them opportunity to practically gather own experience in waste selection and eco products production. These activities will be carried out by every kindergarten in their place of residence and will include them in its educational program with pre-school children. The implementation of these activities will perform teachers who participated in  short term joint staff training events .

Under the this activities will be performed life interaction between children from the kindergartens in Croatia, Bulgaria and Macedonia using eTwinning. Children “in live” will have the opportunity to see it live, communicate, learn foreign words and develope its language skills.

In the period from October 2018 until February 2019 a long-term teaching activities  will be performed in the kindergarten Radost (CRO), Pavlina Veljanova (MK) and Radost (BG). The main aim of this activity is to present composting procedure and to made practical preparation of compost from organic waste by trained teachers from  kindergartens.

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